Shop Hop Rules July 12-20, 2019

2019 Rules

Whether you are just "going along for the ride" or are "in it to win  it," the Carolina Shop Hop is so much fun!  Thousands of dollars worth  of prizes are given each year! Here are some helpful hints and rules to make the  most out of your Hop.

1) For your convenience, we have provided a map that shows where the  shops are located in general. For specific directions to individual  shops, please use an internet map such as the Google map provided. Visit  as many shops as you can during the hop to be eligible for the most  prizes! Even if you can only make it to a couple, you'll still be  entered to win smaller prizes at those shops. The more shops you visit,  the greater your chances are to win the big prizes. You must visit at  least five shops to be entered into the drawing to win a basket, and you  must visit all shops to be entered into the Grand Prize drawings.

2) Be a "Four-Pack."  Groups with four or more individuals, each member in the group will get a special prize at each  shop. Please wear something that identifies each person as part of your "Four-Pack." Last year, some of our hoppers got really creative with  quilted badges, bags and more!  Please note that in order to receive your prize, you must be traveling together.

3)Passport: This is your travel document.  Pick up your passport at the first shop you visit, or print out the "Printable Passport"  and bring it with you. Each shop will stamp your passport.  Shop  Hoppers must visit the shops themselves to get a stamp; we cannot stamp a  friend's passport that is not present. Only one passport per person.  While we appreciate  creativity and humor, only live human beings will be eligible for "Four  Pack" prizes and passports.

4) Something Special for Children: Children aged 6 to 16 will be entered into their own prize drawings  (they are not eligible for grand prizes, etc.) Children under the  age of 6 are not eligible for passports or "Four-Pack" prizes.

5) Collect Blocks: Each shop will have a coordinating quilt block kit and pattern for sale. The cost is $9.50 plus local tax per kit. Collect each quilt blocks and make a beautiful sampler quilt to  commemorate your Carolina Shop Hop journey.  Block kits may be shipped at a cost  of $9.50 plus local tax plus $4 shipping.  Add $2 shipping cost for each additional  block from the same shop.  Contact shops directly to have blocks mailed.

6) Enter to win more prizes: Don't forget to register at each shop for that shop's prizes. This is different from the Carolina Shop Hop prizes. Suggestion - you may want to  bring address labels to make it easier to register and you don't have to write your information over and over.

7) Two whole weekends: Shop Hop covers two weekends, and we have extended shop hours  during weekdays for your convenience.  Some shops stay open later and  some open earlier than the posted hop hours.  Please respect our early  morning opening hours especially, as shop staff have daily duties that  we must perform before the doors open in order to make your experience a  great one!

8) Did you Win? Drawings will be held one week after Shop Hop ends. Winners will be notified by  the last week of August. Prizes must be picked up at the shop where the  prize was placed during Shop Hop.  Sorry, we are unable to ship prizes.   Gift certificate prizes, if any, must be used by December 31, 2019.  Other prizes must be picked up (at the shop who called to notify the  winner) by August 31, 2019.

9) Reminder: Don't forget to leave your completed passport at the last shop you visit! Make sure to put your name and contact information at the top.

10) Most Important: Have fun, enjoy and travel safely!